I hope we all have a happy new year, and definitely a more prosperous one, with good food and wine. New Year’s Eve, I’ll fillet out a wild sea bass, pin-bone the fillets, salt and pepper them, place them skin-side down in a little hot olive oil in my cast-iron skillet, scatter a tablespoon of mixed chopped chives and parsley over them, followed by a short squeeze of lemon, turn them over and finish the other side, serve on a bed of pilaf-style rice (steamed in light chicken stock and tossed with toasted pine nuts), with some baby peas and caramelized mushrooms. Simple, quick, lovely. The wine will be white Burgundy, Louis Jadot’s Macon-Azé, inexpensive, very nice, just right for the occasion and the food. (Much earlier, the kid will get his favorite food and beverage, sausages and French fries with lots of ketchup, and a rare Diet Coke.) We’ll all be in bed early and happy, and wish for the same for you.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and yours too, Brian. My wife wanted lamb for our New Year's Eve supper, but didn't want the popular Rack of Lamb. She doesn't feel there's enough meat, and I agree. The butcher at Whole Foods sent me home with a cut called Lamb Sirloin. I grilled it, and it was most satisfactory, IMO, especially since I had just been advised by my doctor to cut down on my LDL or something (LCL?) which I assume comes at least in part from excess fat, but I am absolutely not a physician. We opened the bottle of ancient Cabernet Sauvignon which my son had brought us at Christmas, and it turned out fine too, but I guess that's a subject for your wine blog at Have a great 2010!

Brian St. Pierre said...

Besides enhancing your lamb, the Cabernet would have helped a bit with your LDL, too--nice choice all around!