Green-up time

I didn’t put the subject in the title, because I didn’t want you running away. It’s broccoli, but it’s OK, really, this is good. I got this tip, in the same month, from two very good chefs (Shaun Hill and Brett Graham), and it’s terrific.

I was taught that broccoli stalks were bitter and tough, and should always be discarded, so I did. Now that I know it isn’t true, I could weep over all the food I’ve wasted—this shows the virtue of tasting always, and challenging the
 conventional wisdom. (Especially as supermarkets leave so much of the stalks on, and we pay by weight.)

Cut the florets off a stalk, and cook them as usual, or put them in a plastic bag for later use—they’ll keep for a day in the fridge, and if you include some chunks of lemon or lemon peel, they’ll even taste better. Use a potato peeler to shave away the green tough outer skin from the stalk. When the stalk is very pale, you’ll notice the texture changes, too. It’s ready.

You can cut them into julienne sticks or slices and stir-fry (or add to a stir-fry of other vegetables—they only need 2 minutes cooking time). They’re also quite good raw, either diced or julienned and scattered over a salad, or left as sticks as a snack, with or without a dip. They taste faintly like asparagus, but stay nice and crisp.

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Sal said...

The stalks are the best bit! I only eat the florets because it seems a waste not to.